& AiOne Healthcare Partner to Boost UK Medical Imaging.

Picture- from left - Ajith Patil ( Director and Co-founder, Dr Amit Kharat ( Director and co-founder, )with Dr Santosh Pillai, Director and CEO AiOne Healthcare Technologies Ltd.Uk

AiOne Healthcare Technologies Ltd., a UK-based healthcare technology provider, announced a strategic partnership with, a leading US-based AI technology company. The partnership aims to bring DeepTek’s innovative AI-powered medical imaging analysis solutions to the UK market, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and streamlining workflow for healthcare providers. is a medical imaging AI company that develops AI-powered solutions for radiologists. The solutions are designed to improve radiologists’ accuracy, efficiency, and workflow by providing them with AI-powered tools that can assist them in interpreting medical images.

DeepTek’s flagship product, Augmento, is a US FDA Cleared AI-powered radiology orchestration platform that automates routine tasks, streamlines workflow and provides real-time insights to radiologists. The platform has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy by up to 20% and reduce reporting time by up to 50%.

“We are excited to partner with AiOne Healthcare Technologies to bring our cutting-edge AI solutions to the UK market,” said Dr. Amit Kharat, CEO of DeepTek and Co-founder. “The UK has a world-class healthcare system, and we believe that our AI solutions can help to improve patient care further.”

AiOne Healthcare Technologies will provide with market access and support in the UK and integration expertise to ensure that DeepTek’s solutions are seamlessly integrated into existing healthcare workflows.

“We are delighted to partner with and introduce their innovative AI solutions to the UK market,” said Dr. Santosh Pillai, Director and CEO of AiOne Healthcare Technologies. “We believe that these solutions have the potential to revolutionise the way medical imaging is analysed and interpreted, leading to better patient care.”

The partnership between DeepTek and AiOne Healthcare Technologies is a significant step forward in adopting AI in healthcare. The combined expertise of both companies will help bring AI benefits to healthcare providers and patients in the UK.


Incorporated in the U.S. in 2017, is amongst very few medical imaging AI start-ups which has successfully established commercial adoption of AI technology in clinical practice–creating clear and quantifiable value for patients, hospitals, and radiologists. products have bagged multiple regulatory clearances, including the coveted US FDA Clearance. currently serves over 500 hospitals across India, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, and several other countries. In Singapore, DeepTek’s solution has been adopted as a national radiation AI platform. DeepTek touches the lives of more than a million individuals every year. has a team of 200+ members with a unique mix of technology experts and radiologists and is trusted by marquee equity partners like TATA Capital Healthcare Fund II and NTT DATA. For more information visit :

About AiOne Healthcare Technologies Ltd

AiOne Healthcare Technologies Ltd is a UK-based healthcare technology provider specialising in integrating AI and other innovative technologies into healthcare workflows. The company’s mission is to improve patient care by adopting cutting-edge technology.

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